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Scientific Literacy at the School

Scientific Literacy at the school project

partners of SCILIT Project

We are already in the final phase of our Scientific Literacy at School
(SciLit) project. CSIC at School, as coordinators, and the collaboration of all the partners (Public School San Francisco (Spain), CESIE (Italy), CPR Gijón-Oriente (Spain), KPCEN (Poland), Tallina Asunduse Lastead (Estonia), Przedszkole nr34 (Poland), Kedainiu Lopselis-Darzelis Zilvities (Lithuania)) is developing the final intellectual products that will be very useful tools for all European teachers, as well as for the educational community and European leaders in education.

The relationship between scientists and teachers fosters research in didactic methods to improve the quality of science teaching, presenting science as something from everyday life in the classroom.
This is the basis of this project that structures scientific knowledge as a culture capable of integrating all the cultures that coexist in the reality of the classrooms of the Union, framed in the European Culture Heritage. The objective is to develop a cooperation network for the implementation of innovative practices on science education in Infant and Primary education. To this purpose, CSIC scientists and teachers from partner countries maintain a close collaboration. Their participation is essential and we would like to thank their effort and support to achieve optimal results.

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